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Iams petfood brand launches Facebook contest for senior pets

Iams petfood brand is launching a contest on its Facebook page that lets dog and cat owners whose pets are 11 years old or older enter to win a year's supply of petfood to celebrate the Iams new Senior Plus formula and educate pet owners about the unique nutritional needs of senior pets.

Each week, the "Play Young, Stay Young" contest will select a winning dog and cat, based on a photo and brief essay submitted by the owner. The contest, which runs through June 3, will award a total of 16 pets (eight dogs and eight cats) with a year's supply of Iams Senior Plus and will feature the pets on its Facebok page.

“On the heels of introducing our new Senior Plus formula, we launched the ‘Play Young, Stay Young’ contest to offer pet parents a fun and unique opportunity to celebrate their 11 and older four-legged family members with the chance to win free food for a year,” said Laura Lewis, external relations manager, Iams. “We’re all looking forward to reading the many entries that bring to life how cats and dogs can really benefit from a proper diet and active lifestyle.”

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