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Hill's Pet Nutrition launches Prescription Diet GI canine formula

Hill’s Pet Nutrition launched a new Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat GI Restore Canine formula petfood to support the care of dogs with challenging gastrointestinal conditions like pancreatitis, hyperlipidemia and protein-losing enteropathy.

This new petfood is designed for long-term feeding of adult dogs and provides veterinary health care teams with another option to recommend for dogs with a variety of gastrointestinal conditions. Hill's says the Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat formula contains omega-3 fatty acids to help break the cycle of inflammation, prebiotic fiber to restore the intestinal microbiota, and ginger to calm and soothe the GI tract. Prescription Diet i/d Low Fat pet food is also clinically proven to decrease fasting serum triglycerides, reducing a risk factor of pancreatitis in dogs, Hill's says. The new food is available in both canned and dry forms.

“Low-fat pet foods can play a crucial role in the management of dogs with hypertriglyceridemia and secondary GI disease or in dogs with primary GI disease, but without hypertriglyceridemia,” says Jörg M. Steiner, Ph.D. “Also, since these conditions can be complex, canine patients may also benefit from prebiotics, probiotics, antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressive agents.”

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