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New Pet Collective YouTube channel launches

A new YouTube channel, The Pet Collective, officially launched, with videos dedicated to furry, feathered and scaly pets of all types.

The channel, started by FremantleMedia, offers pet-related content including Q-and-As with veterinarians, comedic scripted shows about pet owners and their animals, and more, all with the aim of benefiting animals. The channel's “The Unadoptables” videos highlight pets that are difficult for shelters to adopt out, including animals with special needs, bonded pairs, black cats and pets that are older or considered unattractive.

“It’s truly for the unadoptable pets. We want to show that they have value and euthanization isn’t the answer,” says Michelle Davis, supervising producer.

In addition to adoption videos, the channel also offers the following original series:

•“The Litter,” an 8-week series narrated by Khloe Kardashian that follows a litter of kittens
•“Pet Sense,” videos featuring animal communicator Michelle Childerly
•“Master & Pet,” a scripted comedy series about a single woman and her cat
•“Growing Up Wild,” in which Bindi and Robert Irwin educate viewers about their wild “pets” at an Australian zoo.

“People call it ‘pet porn’,” Davis says. “It’s just beautifully shot footage of animals being themselves."

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