Pet Food News ranked second-most talked about on Facebook, an online petfood and supply retailer, has become one of the most talked about retail and consumer merchandise companies on Facebook. According to PageData, an independent research firm that tracks Facebook page metrics, the company ranks second to Walmart.'s founders, Alex Zhardanovsky and Joe Speiser, both former online advertising entrepreneurs, have successfully grown the company with a retail concept of understanding how to create a meaningful dialog with customers through Facebook and other social media channels. Currently, reaches more than 8.4 million people via Facebook, of which, more than 600,000 are actively engaging with the company on a weekly basis, according to PageData. The company uses a strategy of building an audience of meaningful Facebook fans, publishing interactive content and turning fans into customers.

"The onslaught of minute-by-minute media on our phones, desktops, tablets and every other device has made building awareness of one's business more difficult than ever," said Zhardanovsky. "Unlike many companies who blitz their fans with meaningless marketing messages through social media, utilizes fun, educational content that cuts through the clutter and engages existing and potential customers. We're very proud to see that our approach has not only made PetFlow popular on Facebook, but helped the company create a following of extremely dedicated customers."

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