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Dr. Harvey's Veg-to-Bowl Fine Ground is a pre-mix meal with nine dehydrated vegetables and herbs for dogs.
on September 14, 2012

Dr. Harvey's introduces new canine formula at SuperZoo

New Veg-to-Bowl Fine Ground formula is a pre-mix meal for dogs.

Dr. Harvey’s introduced its newest canine formulation, Veg-to-Bowl Fine Ground, at Pet SuperZoo in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, September 11-13.

The new formula is grain free and has nine dehydrated vegetables and herbs. Veg-to-Bowl dog food is a pre-mix meal that just requires pet owners to add water, oil and a protein of their choice.

“What you feed to your companion animals is the key to their health, and just as important as what we feed ourselves,” said Wendy Shankin-Cohen, president and CEO of Dr. Harvey’s. “Feeding artificial and low-grade ingredients is still the number one reason for the rise in degenerative diseases. We are committed to making the very best food made from the very best ingredients!”

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