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Merrick's 'Doggupy' movement promotes quality petfood

Petfood company Merrick Pet Care recently held a movement with dogs and their owners demanding high-quality food as a play on the Occupy Wall Street movement that took place in the US.

More than 40 dogs and their owners participated in the "Doggupy" movement in Union Square in New York, New York, USA.

Participants lobbied for a more widespread commitment to locally sourced, protein-rich petfoods, made in the US. Participants held signs with "United we sit, together we stay" and "Liberate the bowl." In addition, producers of the movement, Lipari Production Group, and Merrick also brought dogs from local animal service organizations to participate.

To go along with the "Doggupy" movement, Merrick also created a "pawtition" on its Facebook page, where dog owners could share photos of their dog and enter to win a year's supply of Merrick's dog food.

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