Pet Food News
on October 11, 2012

Nutriscan develops new saliva petfood allergy test

At-home test lets dog owners send in saliva sample to receive results, rather than going to a vet for petfood allergy testing

A new type of test has recently hit the market allowing pet owners to test for their dogs' petfood allergies with just a saliva sample, according to a report.

Although testing for other potential non-food-related allergens must still be done by a veterinarian, Nutriscan has developed a saliva test that can identify 20 of the most common food allergies in dogs.

Dog allergy testing has usually been conducted by a veterinarian taking skin samples of the dog and prescribing a petfood diet free of those ingredients that could be potentially causing the allergies. But with Nutriscan's test, pet owners collect the saliva sample from their dog and return it back to the company to receive results about two weeks later. The test means pet owners no longer have to put their pet on a special prescription diet as a trial and can test for all potential food allergies at one time.

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