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SPF holds petfood palatability seminar in Shanghai

SPF held a petfood palatability evening seminar in Shanghai, China, October 10 for about 70 petfood professionals attending Pet Fair Asia and Petfood Forum China 2012 that week.

Attendees included representatives of petfood manufacturers from throughout Southeast Asia and coincided with the opening of SPF's new production facility near Shanghai. The attendees learned from SPF's experts about:

  • Integration of petfood safety programs in the palatant industry, by Remi Cristoforetti, SPF global operations director
  • Cat kibble structure, a driver of palatability, by Aurelie de Ratuld, head of SPF cat research platform, and Gilles Maller, VP of technologies for Clextral
  • Ensuring reliable palatability measurement, by Christelle Tobie, Panelis business development manager

See photos of the evening seminar here.

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