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Petfood safety advocates urge Walmart to remove jerky pet treats

Petfood safety advocates sent a letter to the chairman and president of Walmart asking the company to voluntarily remove chicken jerky pet treats manufactured in China from the shelves of all Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.

Since 2007, the jerky treats from China have been linked to the deaths of more than 360 dogs and one cat and 2,200 illnesses, the advocates' letter says. Although the US Food and Drug administration has issued cautionary statements to consumers about feeding the treats to their pets, no recalls of the products have been made.

On Black Friday, November 23, petfood safety advocates Susan Thixton of and Mollie Morrissette of urge pet owners to join them by going to the Walmart stores in their communities to personally ask store managers to remove these dangerous pet treats from their store shelves. For further information about the Black Friday for Pets campaign, visit the campaign's Facebook page.

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