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Petco Foundation donates to Dog and Cat Cancer Fund

The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund, a nonprofit that helps fight canine and feline cancer by providing grants to help pet owners pay for treatments, recently received a US$50,000 donation from the Petco Foundation.

With this additional funding, The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund will be able to increase the number of pets it can help in 2013, as well as increase the grant amount per pet.

“Every day, pet parents receive the heartbreaking news that their dog or cat has been diagnosed with cancer. To add to their distress, for many families the high cost of cancer care is too much for an already strained budget,” said Chris Meiering, president of The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund. “Our mission is to help pet parents through this difficult time both with informational resources and also financially if the family can’t afford the cost of treatment.”

“The Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo are honored to be able to assist organizations such as The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund fulfill their mission of providing hope to pets and pet parents who are dealing with a pet cancer diagnosis,” said Paul E. Jolly, executive director of the Petco Foundation. “Dealing with a pet with cancer is a terrible experience, made just a little bit easier by groups such as The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund. How great that we can be a part of that?”

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