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on April 7, 2013

Hill’s Pet Nutrition integrates new petfood packaging closure technology

Velcro Industries’ Press-Lok will be integrated into Science Diet petfood packaging

Petfood manufacturer Hill’s Pet Nutrition has partnered with Velcro Industries to integrate its Press-Lok closure technology into its Science Diet petfood packaging.

The Press-Lok closure, designed to be more consumer friendly, has an alignment that allows the hooks to engage without precise lineup. It also has an audible “click” sound so pet owners know when the package is closed.

"There are many tangible consumer benefits that the Press-Lok closure system provides to our Hill's Science Diet packaging," says Christopher Rector, director of marketing of Hill's US. "The Press-Lok application provides a fast, effective and stress-free bag closure solution. [It] opens and closes easily and quickly, keeping the kibble in and the paws out."

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