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on April 11, 2013

BARF World recalls two raw petfood products for Salmonella

Lamb, Combo Patties recalled as a precaution after Salmonella outbreak in manufacturing plant

Raw petfood manufacturer BARF World is recalling its Lamb and Combo Patties products due to a Salmonella outbreak in its manufacturing plant.

BARF World's Lamb Patties and Combo Patties products affected by the petfood recall both have a best-use-by date of July 27.

BARF World says its manufacturing facility had a positive test for Salmonella in a non-food item. The petfood was not tested, but the recall was initiated as a precaution. BARF has not received any reports of illness to date.

Consumers who purchased the recalled products should contact Christopher Hampson at +1.866.282.2273.

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