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Sensient develops new emulsion technology for natural colors

Sensient Colors LLC, a business unit of Sensient Technologies Corp., expanded its research and development efforts globally by developing an Advanced Emulsion Technology for natural colors.

This new emulsion technology combines multiple oil- and water-based natural colors to provide a complex color matrix in a single delivery system, achieving new natural color shades. The water-based emulsions allow for multiple oil- and water-based natural colors to co-exist in a single color system. Sensient says this new technology can lessen package staining, reduce color bleed and allow for lower usage levels, as well as minimize off-taste flavors sometimes associated with natural colors.

“This novel emulsion technology enables complex color matrices to be combined, allowing for additional natural color shades that once were unattainable, with enhanced stability and performance compared to traditional emulsion technology,” says Mike Geraghty, president, Color Group, Sensient Technologies Corp.

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