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Pet Moz resource focuses on dog food reviews

Pet Moz has launched a new resource focusing purely on dog food reviews.

The website offers an introduction to the reviews Pet Moz has collated for the best dog food brands like Iams, Purina and By Nature. They explain that all the reviews take the same key factors into account, namely the ingredients and satisfaction of the pet, the nutritional content and the use of any potentially dangerous ingredients.

The reviews are broken down into high-quality, standard-quality and low-quality products, and though the company will not give star-rated reviews to products, it will give a recommendation or not give a recommendation based on the product itself. The site also includes a section on discount codes and coupons so that users can save money on purchases.

"Not all dog foods are created equal, but with so many brands around making so many bold claims, it can be hard for owners to make the right consumer decisions for their pets," a spokesperson for Pet Moz said. "We help to identify low-quality as well as best-quality brands and make it easier for consumers to delineate the difference, as well as offering insights as to how to get the best deals by buying online using coupons. Ultimately, we do as the owner should and put the pet first in our reviews, so we know that dogs will be happy with our choices."

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