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Petfood-focused book demonstrates healthy cuisine for dogs

Dog-gone Good Cuisine (St. Martin's Griffin), on sale February 18, focuses on cooking healthy and delicious dishes for dogs and humans alike, according to author, nutritionist and chef Gayle Pruitt.

The book contains more than 100 corn-, sugar-, soy- and gluten-free recipes, including:

  • Salmon Florentine
  • Individual Spinach Kale Lasagna
  • Spiced Stuffed Peppers
  • Twice Baked Broccoli Asparagus Soufflé
  • Pears with Raspberry Sauce
  • Cream of Cinderella Pumpkin Soup
  • Chicken Pot Pie cooked in Sweet Pepper
  • Tomato Carrot Soup
  • Curried Beef Sliders
  • Manicotti

Pruitt is on the Health Advisory Board and writes for Nutricula Magazine and Petological, a magazine from the pet's perspective. Pruitt's recipes have appeared in national magazines and in best-selling cookbooks such as Hampton's Diet Cookbook.

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