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Positive Identification of Pets offers smartphone app for lost pets

Founder and CEO of Positive Identification of Pets (PiP) Philip Rooyakkers has developed a smartphone app that helps pet owners act quickly when their dog or cat goes missing. Launched on iTunes, the app uses advanced facial recognition technology to help identify lost pets and reunite them with their families, according to Rooyakkers.

Cloud-based technology stores pet information, including breed, photos, age, size, gender and any other possible unique traits that the pet may have. If a pet goes missing, the app will activate an "Amber Alert" to veterinarians, animal control and rescue agencies, PiP subscribers, and social media users within the owner's local area. It will also begin monitoring social media sites for any postings of found pets. When a pet is found, the system analyzes the photos for a match.

Rooyakkers is also the co-founder of The Urban Puppy Shop, a doggy daycare and grooming service in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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