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Clear Conscience Pet retains counsel in trademark infringement case

Natural pet nutrition company Clear Conscience Pet plans to defend its federal trademark rights to the SLIDERS brand. The company registered the trademark in 2010, but a competitor is now using the brand name for its own products.

Clear Conscience has defended the trademark successfully in the past without litigation, but this time, the other party is resisting. They feel that the SLIDERS name is generic in describing small sandwiches and thus not worthy of trademark protection. But Clear Conscience says the SLIDERS brand isn't a product description, it's a trademarked brand name for a family of healthy pet treats and gravies that evokes a lifestyle.

"Lest there be any doubt, SLIDERS is our federally registered trademark and brand name in the petfood and treats industry, it signifies a family of healthy pet treat products that are the very best ever made in our industry, and we will defend our intellectual property vigorously and tirelessly," said Anthony Bennie, founder and president of Clear Conscience.

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