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Indigenous Pet Products introduces Pegetables natural dog chews

Indigenous Pet Products announced the launch of a new formulation of Pegetables Nature's Dog Chews, a premium dog chew for canine dental health, at Global Pet Expo 2014. The original formula of the chew was from the Pegetables brand, which was recently acquired by Indigenous Pet Products, and expands the business's portfolio of canine dental health solutions.

Pegetables Nature's Dog Chews are designed to help clean teeth, leaving dogs with fresh breath, according to the company. The product is scientifically formulated to be safe and highly digestible for dogs of all sizes. The product is made with vegetables including sweet potatoes, peas and carrots, and is free of corn, wheat, grain and gluten.

"Dental health is a common concern for many dog owners," said Scott Reinhardt, sales and marketing manager of Indigenous Pet Products. "Pegetables Nature's Dog Chews provide a treat that is satisfying and healthy for pets. With the acquisition of Pegetables, we are able to provide pet retailers with another product that aligns with our existing offering targeting the health and wellness category in the specialty petfood sector."

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