Iams partnered with the Flying Pig Marathon to create the first-ever Iams Flying Fur, a two-mile dog run, that took place on May 3, 2014 as part of the three-day Flying Pig Marathon weekend of activities.

In addition, Iams Bowls of Love, a national program geared towards helping pets in need, committed to donating one large bag of petfood for every dog participating in the run. With a total of 525 dogs at the event, Iams is donating a total of 7.5 tons of petfood to the local SPCA Cincinnati.

Partnering with Flying Pig Marathon to create a new competition was not only fun for dog owners and their pets, but also a great way to bring awareness and give back to shelters in the Cincinnati area, said Iams. Iams Bowls of Love is deeply committed to helping pets in need and partnering with hard-working organizations across the country.