Pet Food News
on May 6, 2014

WellPet announces new ad campaign with 'spokescat'

Campaign will focus on emotional bond humans have with their pets

WellPet has announced the unveiling of a new ad campaign, "We Create Wellness," that focuses on the emotional relationships between pet owners and their pets, and will feature British Shorthair "spokescat" Wella. The cat will join Wellsy, the Austrian Shepherd who served as the brand's "spokespet" in 2013.

This campaign's message will be communicated through the tagline on both dog and cat print ads, which reads “Naturally, she’ll love you for it,” paired with a close-up shot of either Wellsy or Wella. The theme also echoes through the cat and dog television spots, which highlight the healthy ingredient list the brand is synonymous for, but also remind pet parents that they’re really feeding their pets quality, natural food to promote overall well-being.

The ads (print and TV) officially premiere in May in the US and Canada. The campaign also includes digital media (display, mobile, online video, and SEM/social media), according to WellPet.

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