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Freshpet Fresh Start program highlights Sochi pups

Freshpet's Fresh Start program's latest focus is on three pups rescued from Sochi, Russia, by Gus Kenworthy, Olympic slopestyle skier. Kenworthy brought a mom and her pups home with him after his silver medal win, and Freshpet is supplying Kenworthy and his new furry family with unlimited Freshpet food and treats and Whistle Activity Monitors to keep track of them as they grow.

“Mama and her pups were living off of scraps that people would bring as they lived on the streets,” said Kenworthy. “It’s amazing to see how much their health has improved in just a few, short months. I really started to notice a difference when I switched them over to Freshpet. They are so excited to eat and have so much energy now. I can’t even get a snack out of the fridge for myself without them standing there in front of the fridge hoping for more!”

The Sochi pups are part of the Freshpet Fresh Start program, which encourages pet parents to incorporate more fresh, all-natural food into their pets’ diets. “Every day we hear amazing stories from pet parents about how feeding fresh has drastically improved, and sometimes even saved, their pet’s life,” said Courtney Groome, Freshpet director of marketing. “The Fresh Start program invites others to give fresh a try and see the real differences it can make to your pet’s health both inside and out.”

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