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BOGO Bowl helps pets in need with food, cash gifts

Petfood company BOGO Bowl helps pets in need by providing shelters, rescues or similar organizations with petfood or other monetary gifts.

When a BOGO Bowl customer buys a bag of BOGO Bowl petfood for their own pet, one bag is automatically gifted to an organization of the customer’s choice, with free shipping.

A new offer for 2015 is BOGO Bucks, a cash gift for the organization if food isn’t what they need. After polling its more than 100 recipient partners on how BOGO Bowl could exceed their expectations and more efficiently help them achieve their missions, it was discovered that some organizations had enough food, but were struggling in other areas: vet bills, volunteers couldn’t afford gas for critical rescue missions, many needed to hire administrative help.

“I believe we’re the first to not only offer the option of gifting one bag for every bag purchased, but if an organization needs cash for administrative, vet or other fees over petfood, we send them a check,” said Sara Henderson, founder of BOGO Bowl.

By using BOGO Bucks, organizations can spend money on anything their organization needs. Once a BOGO Bowl customer buys a bag of food for their own pet, they choose a recipient organization from a list of existing BOGO Bowl partners, or the customer can add a new legitimate organization of their choosing. BOGO Bowl will then contact that organization to determine if they’d like a quarterly petfood match or a quarterly cash gift.

“We do our best to work with every partner individually,” Henderson said. “We want the program to work for them. In turn, we ask that they give away our samples at their events, invite their fans and followers to join BOGO Bowl on social media and do everything they can to encourage supporters of their organization to support us. It’s an easy equation - the more people who purchase BOGO Bowl for their everyday petfood needs, the more organizations and pets in need we can help.”

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