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Wellness Natural launches well pet campaign

Wellness Natural Pet Food has launched "Five Signs of Wellness," an effort to educate pet parents on the visible indicators of overall health and well-being in their pets: skin and coat health; digestive health; energy; immunity; and eyes, teeth and gum health.

"Pets are members of our families and it's important that we understand how to recognize the signs of their overall health," says Camelle Kent, chief commercial officer at Wellness Natural Pet Food. "Veterinarian visits only happen once or twice a year, but you can see the 'Five Signs of Wellness' in your pet every single day."

Balanced nutrition through quality ingredients like protein-rich meats and whole fruits and vegetables is the key to a long, happy life for pets and their parents alike. Foods that are made with wholesome, natural and consciously sourced ingredients give pets the nutrients they need.

By discovering the "Five Signs of Wellness" and all the ways to notice them in pets, pet parents can learn to identify when their pet is happy and healthy:

  • Skin and coat: Clear skin and a soft, shiny coat are signs that pets are getting enough essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in their diet.
  • Digestive health: Upset stomachs can slow your pet down; regularity in their digestive system is supported by probiotics, prebiotics and fiber in their diets.
  • Eyes, teeth and gums: Clear eyes with no excess tearing, and clean teeth and gums with no inflammation are signs that they're getting proper essential nutrients.
  • Immunity: A strong immune system, supported by essential vitamins and minerals, means less downtime and more playtime for your pet.
  • Energy: Enough energy to keep up with the family is a sign that you pet is getting balanced nutrition from high-quality proteins and carbohydrates.

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