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Kemin’s spearmint line certified Sustainably Grown

The production of Hi-RA Mint, a proprietary line of spearmint developed by Kemin plant scientists using traditional plant breeding methods, has been certified Sustainably Grown.

The recognition of Kemin and its growing partner came after a rigorous third-party audit and assessment by SCS Global Services (SCS). Sustainably Grown is one of the most stringent certification standards, supporting long-term sustainable agricultural production by identifying crops grown in accordance with exceptional environmental and social responsibility as well as quality and safety requirements.

"Kemin Industries continues to demonstrate leadership in the food and personal care product sectors with plant ingredients that meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility," said Nathan Smith, SCS’ Managing Director of Food and Agriculture.  "We are pleased to be able to report that 100% of spearmint produced by Kemin meets the requirements of the Certified Sustainably Grown standard." 

Hi-RA Mint, which takes its name from “high Rosmarinic Acid," is a proprietary line of spearmint developed by Kemin scientists. Spearmint plants are excellent producers of diverse phytochemicals for flavoring preservation and health benefits. That’s why Kemin has developed two clonal lines that are traditionally bred to naturally select for phytochemicals that are suitable for commercial production for food, personal care, health, and pet food applications.

“The timing of our Sustainably Grown certification couldn’t be better,” said Dr. John Greaves, Kemin vice president of specialty crops. “Market demand for plant-based antioxidants, preservatives, and flavorings is soaring and it’s even more important than ever to use long-term, sustainable techniques that are good for the land, show social responsibility and produce crops grown in accordance with quality and safety requirements. At Kemin we take a long view and have a growing number of customers who feel the same way.”

To produce Hi-RA Mint, Kemin co-farms with a five-generation, family-owned operation that has an unwavering commitment to excellence. The partner, strategically located in an area of Indiana with favorable mint-growing conditions, shares the company’s commitment to sustainability, safety and quality.

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