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Aller Petfood Danish division to become trader

Aller Petfood Group is converting its Danish division into a trading set-up, based on strategic partnerships with private label producers within the pet sector.

The decision of converting from own production in Denmark to becoming a trader is based on the high level of surplus dry pet food capacity in the Western European private label pet food market, as well as the lack of profitability of the Danish plant. As part of its strategy, Aller Petfood Group is going through a process of focusing its activities on the core business and “where they can make a difference.”

“The trading set-up allows us to work with strong production partners while offering our customers competitive conditions based on our collective purchasing power,” said CEO and owner Henriette Bylling. “Pet food is much more than just the food inside the bag. Based on our 36 years’ experience in pet food, we are able to work closely with our customers on developing full concepts, via for example matching or developing the food to obtain strong unique selling points, matching the market trends, and reaching the optimum shelf exposure via the packaging selection.”

The first strategic partner in Aller Petfood’s new trading set-up has already been found but its name cannot yet be published. Like Aller Petfood, it has many years of experience in the world of private label pet food production.

“We consider our new partner ideal for us as their mind-set is very similar to ours in relation to for example the high quality standard, flexibility and customer support,” Bylling said.

The new trading concept will run alongside Aller Petfood Group’s brand activities and the remaining production plants.

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