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Purina ONE to host Cat Camp pop-up event

Purina ONE has found the way to improve the active, energetic fun of summer camp: add cats. The first-ever Cat Camp will include camp-themed activities designed to bring cat lovers together to experience what whole body health means for cats.

While cat health is revealed from the inside out, Purina ONE is bringing the outside in with this indoor Cat Camp in the heart of New York City. Through Cat Camp, Purina ONE hopes campers leave feeling empowered that they know how to help support their cats' health and happiness every day and for a lifetime.

The Openhouse event space at 201 Mulberry in New York's SoHo neighborhood will undergo a cat-approved transformation for Cat Camp, July 31-August 1, 2015, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During the pop-up event, Cat Camp counselors will guide members of the public through a series of activities that reflect a healthy cat's routine:

Campfire – Just as a campfire is the heart of any campground, nutrition is at the heart of whole body health. At the center of Cat Camp, a campfire made of Purina ONE kibble will be a gathering place for campers and cats while a Purina Veterinarian (Deborah S. Greco, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM) shows how to check your cat for signs of whole body health.

  • Climbing – Campers can traverse an indoor climbing wall and learn why cats seek high places.
  • Stretching – Cat Camp counselors will demonstrate stretches inspired by cats, which is part of their whole body health you can see every day.
  • Purposeful Play – Campers can play with cats while a Purina Behaviorist (Sandra Lyn, PhD) educates about the importance of physical activity and mental stimulation in a cat's routine.
  • Arts & Crafts – Campers can make DIY puzzle feeders to take home to their cats.

"Purina ONE's Cat Camp is a fun way for cat lovers to experience all the things that feed into whole body health for cats," said Brian Williams, brand manager for Purina ONE. "We had such a great response to last year's Cat Cafe, so this year we wanted to provide activities that would help educate people on whole body health, and there isn't a better way to do that this summer than a camp-like experience."

Adoptable cats from a Petfinder partner shelter will roam the "campgrounds" to interact with campers and show how Purina ONE provides all the nutrition your cat needs for each life stage.

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