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Survey examines US pet food spending

A recent Nielsen survey conducted by Harris Poll looked at how much money Americans spent on pet food in the past year. The English-language survey polled 2,205 US adults, 1,323 of whom have at least one pet.

Some of the survey findings:

US pet food spending

  • Dog food: US$9.5 billion, US$2.6 million of which is spent on treats
  • Cat food: US$4.9 billion, US$476 million of which is spent on treats
  • Bird food: US$571 million
  • Other pet food: US$115 million
  • Fish food: US$60 million

US pet spending, non-food

  • Cat litter: US$1.8 billion
  • Dog control: US$250.1 million
  • Litter supplies: US$136.3 million
  • Bowls: US$66.8 million
  • Houses and carriers: US$60.5 million
  • Brushes: US$11.2 million
  • Aquatic supplies: US$4.7 million

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