From Petfood Industry:

In 2010, Hounds & Gatos, which calls itself “the original Paleolithic pet food company,” was formed.

The company’s founder and CEO Will Post told Petfood Industry in 2013: 'Our society is ill and overweight. I believe we need to go back to our ancestral roots where we were created to eat meats, fruits and vegetables. Hollywood has really bragged about their Paleo Diets so why not our pets?' Post's mission is to feed pets quality ingredients, reverting back to what (the company claims) dogs and cats would eat in the wild, such as chicken, salmon, rabbit, lamb, venison, turkey, tripe, beef, trout and pork.

This month, PetSmart recognized the popularity of the Paleo Diet by launching a specialty shop section dedicated to the pinnacle natural pet lifestyle brand, Only Natural Pet, a Paleo-inspired brand that is well-suited for dogs and cats and their ancestral wolf and wildcats roots.

According to proponents of a Paleo-inspired diet for dogs, the digestion of dogs and cats today is on par with their wild counterparts, where meat-eating is the foundation for good nutrition and health with the optimal food composition following the “prey model” of 50% protein, 40% fat and 10% carbohydrates.

Hound & Gatos Pet Foods gets primal

In 2003, Will Post, a former US Marine, founded LIFE4K9 Pet Foods before selling it in 2010 to start Hound & Gatos Pet Foods. Today, Hound & Gatos ships petfood globally and claims to be the original Paleolithic petfood company.