JBS USA has launched CoppersClassics.com, an interactive website that highlights its premium pet chew program. The website serves as a resource for consumers who desire all-natural, American-made dog chews.

“With more than 83 million Americans owning at least one dog, there is a growing demand for all-natural, American-made and sourced dog chews,” said Rebecca Greene, pet development manager at JBS USA. “CoppersClassics.com provides an exciting opportunity to reach this growing consumer base and provide additional selling resources for our valued customers.”

Consumers continuously ask for all-natural, American-made products for their four-legged friends. Copper’s Classics fulfills that desire by delivering single-ingredient, minimally processed treats with raw materials obtained solely from USA-harvested animals.

“Throughout website development, we focused on presenting the attributes of our USA-made and processed pet chew program in a fun and interactive way,” Greene said. “The website provides our clientele access to our online store, which allows them to order a variety of chews for their homes and stores.”