From Petfood Industry:

In 2007, Petfood Industry ran an article that discussed what the trends in pet food might be in 2010. As we head into 2016, it seems those trends remain more or less the same.

The two primary trends discussed in the 2007 piece were pet humanization and an increasing interest in pet nutrition and health.

In October 2015, Petfood Industry ran an article that said the humanization of companion animals is becoming more prominent, and that trends has been accelerated by millennials. As a result, many of the top human food trends have found their way into the petfood market -- particularly those that focus on the health and wellness of our furry family members. Those include: 

  • Better health through nutrition. Pet owners are looking to eliminate certain ingredients from their pets’ diets, such as sugar, grains, dyes and preservatives.
  • Nutrition for seniors, as pets and their owners are living longer lives.
  • Weight management, as a large percentage of America’s pet population is overweight or obese.

According to Euromonitor International, millennials tend to humanize pets more than other generations and are more willing to spend more money on higher-quality food and human-grade products.

A recent Petfood Industry article that looks ahead at 2016 pet food trends said consumers will remain engaged in feeding their pets the best possible food in 2016. That article also showed that pet humanization will carry over into 2016.

Editorial Notes: The petfood market in 2010

Remarkable shifts in buying behaviors are occurring in the petfood market worldwide.