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#tbt: Petfood Industry interviews WellPet CEO in 2010

From Petfood Industry:

In January 2010, Tim Callahan, CEO of WellPet, spoke with Petfood Industry. In January 2016, WellPet announced that it would acquire Sojos, a family-owned company offering a line of raw, freeze-dried pet food for dogs and cats.

Some key quotes from that 2010 interview that are still relevant today:


  • 'For us, we take a great deal of pride in bringing some innovation around our current lines.'
  • 'I believe we continue to push a quality agenda that not only influences our own manufacturing but also within our co-manufacturers as well. We constantly hear that we do challenge them and we bring further insight to keep stepping that up. I think that the folks that we have here and the culture we have here and the way that we push that in our system, I think makes us distinctive.'
  • 'I think within this superpremium, natural space, we are an innovative force, and we provide very reliable, high-quality products to the marketplace, and with our sales organization, a support that’s really unmatched in the industry.'
  • 'We’re a rapidly growing company, and we have a lot on our plate, in terms of things that we want to do. You just want to make sure that we do that in a quality way-both companies have executed well over time; in other words, when we bring a product to market, it’s a really high quality product and our service behind it is good.'
  • 'We’ve had a history of very good growth, and we just want to make sure that as we do grow, we’ve got a lot of initiatives to be a better company, that we’re very thoughtful that we resource these well and we continue to execute with quality.'

Interview with Tim Callahan, CEO of WellPet

Petfood Industry (PI): With all the changes WellPet has experienced over the past couple years, what do you think have been the most important changes for the company's future success? Tim Callahan (TC): I'd start by saying in addition to the things we changed, it's probably good to say one of the things we didn't change.

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