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Pupletes gear up for Puppy Bowl XII

This February, anticipation will build, training will kick into high gear, and the cuteness level will explode, as we all await the other big game – Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XII – sponsored by Mars Petcare’s Pedigree brand food for dogs. The fur-filled event airs on Sunday, February 7 from 3-5 p.m. ET/PT and will feature a starting lineup stacked with 84 puppies to represent #TeamFluff and #TeamRuff.

In preparation for Puppy Bowl XII, the Pedigree brand has scored a touchdown with its new video series – “What Does it Take to be a Puppy Bowl Puppy?” – that features puppy athletes (aka pupletes) in action as they prepare for the big game. The 15-second videos, featured on the Pedigree Puppy Place website, share a glimpse into the puplete life, showing their speed, dedication, aggressiveness and of course, cuteness, all while competing to win Puppy Bowl XII.

The Puppy Bowl serves as a platform for pet adoption and includes a roster of strictly adoptable puppies from animal shelters and rescue organizations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

“The Pedigree brand is committed to the cause of dog adoption. Our Puppy Bowl sponsorship is a great way to raise awareness of the cause and help shelter dogs find loving, forever homes,” says Melodie Bolin, Pedigree brand manager. “The ‘What Does it Take’ video series is a fun way to build excitement leading up to the big day by following a group of pupletes on their not so rigorous training journey.”

Puppy Bowl XII has something for the cat lovers, too. This year, Mars Petcare’s Sheba brand cat food will sponsor the Puppy Bowl Sheba Skybox. Four times during the broadcast, cameras will capture cuddly kitten reactions to the game … in a room filled with Sheba Perfect Portions Entrées, the only wet cat food with two single servings for a fresh meal every time.

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