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Prins Petfoods expands, adds online TV channel

Prins Petfoods is expanding with a third building. This building will be the home of the unique online platform Lifestyle for Pets which, together with participating pet stores, brings together trends and knowledge concerning pets.

Prins’ new building is located on the same street in Veenendaal as its two current offices and factory. The 100% natural dog and cat food specialist will use their new acquisition to expand the family business’ dissemination of knowledge and expertise.

Lifestyle for Pets has gone live on with a unique online TV channel, informative blogs, and a shop with quality products. The website now has a new, enhanced team that is based in the new building, which includes space for recording studios. The grand launch of the platform, including national campaigns and a special kickoff with all the partners on June 12, 2016, will start this spring.

Prins is also working on a publicly accessible experience center in the new building. This will include an animal cafe and a museum, which will create a complete experience that will stimulate all senses of humans and animals. Additionally, the special stall that will host Prins at the Interzoo trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, will be rebuilt in the new building.

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