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Prins Petfoods expanding in Denmark

Prins Petfoods is expanding toward Denmark. The Dutch family-owned company from Veenendaal specializes in 100% natural quality food for cats and dogs, and they are working with Danish partners Thomas Torp Christensen and Jørgen Ravn Christensen, whose company Torp&Ravn is active in the Danish market for pet shops and garden centers. Their collaboration will start in November 2015.

Torp&Ravn is a small company specialized in quality pet food. It has its own storage and logistics, provides professional advice and manages its own sales and trainings. Torp&Ravn fully supports Prins’ philosophy: providing 100% natural products and sharing knowledge and know-how.

There are approximately 60,000 dogs and 70,000 cats in Denmark. Prins’ initial sales will be via pet stores, garden centers and breeders. The Prins CareTeam, which provides owners with advice on nutrition, nurture, care and animal behavior, will be localized to suit the Danish needs.

The Danish partners will ensure Prins’ philosophy is properly expressed in Denmark. Prins’ top priority is animal well-being, and the company aims to offer more than just food, or, as we see in the Danish slogan: Prins.

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