Mars launches Eukanuba line in India

Mars Inc. subsidiary Mars International India has launched its Eukanuba pet food line in India.

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Mars Inc. subsidiary Mars International India has launched its Eukanuba pet food line in India.

Eukanuba brand pet food will be available in 1 kilogram, 3 kilogram and 15 kilogram packages in specialty channels in metro areas and in major cities across the country.

Mars acquired the Eukanuba brand, as well as Iams and Natura, from Procter & Gamble in 2014.

Eukanuba has been in existence for 69 years and has manufactured pet food in 70 countries. The Eukanuba portfolio includes products that cater to unique pet needs for maintaining healthy activity levels, shiny coats, dental protection, building strong bones and lean muscle, and maintaining proper function of the digestive tract.

'Eukanuba is a well-established brand and is trusted by pet owners across the world. It has a wider portfolio in terms of variants, textures and flavors for special needs of the pets,' Mars India Corporate Affairs Director Nitin Kulkarni said in a statement. 'With Eukanuba coming on board, we hope to satisfy the needs of our customers and pets around the world by offering them high-quality products.'

Mars International launches pet food brand 'Eukanuba' in India

MUMBAI: Mars International India, the wholly-owned arm of US-based chocolate maker Mars Inc, has launched its international pet food brand 'Eukanuba' in the domestic market. Mars had acquired Eukanuba from The Procter & Gamble. 'Eukanuba is a well established brand and is trusted by pet owners' across the world.

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Mars unveils pet food 'Eukanuba' in India

American confectionery giant Mars International India on Sunday announced the launch of its global pet food brand 'Eukanuba' in India. The company, which is a leading pet food manufacturer and marketers (of brands Pedigree and Whiskas) as well, acquired Iams brand, as well as Eukanuba and Natura from P&G.

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