MFA Inc. has recalled bagged and bulk MFA 16% and 17% rabbit feed. The product was distributed to MFA retail stores in southwest Missouri.

MFA Inc. became aware of a potential problem with the feed after a consumer complaint of animal illness and deaths. Investigation into the complaint revealed three lots that tested high for salt.

Symptoms of excess salt intake in rabbits include but are not limited to depressed feed intake, weakness and increased thirst. If your animals show these symptoms, contact your MFA feed representative.

Specifically, three lot numbers tested for excess salt: lots #214865, #216032 and #217178. Lot numbers appear on the feed tag which is attached to the bags.

Because MFA is a farmer and rancher-owned cooperative, in an abundance of caution to protect members and their livestock, MFA is recalling those above lot numbers in addition to lot #213802 of bagged MFA 16% rabbit pellets and MFA 17% rabbit pellets lots #213877, #216427 and #217549.

MFA customers with rabbit pellets bearing any of the above numbers should return the feed to the store where it was purchased for credit or replacement.

In addition, MFA is also recalling bulk rabbit feed delivered from January 15 up to March 1. Customers receiving bulk feed during that timeframe should contact the MFA location at which they purchased the feed for credit or replacement.

Bulk feed lot numbers are: 213207, 213898, 214890, 217243, 218665 and 218666.

MFA store personnel will follow up with customers who purchased the feed. MFA personnel stress that any individual who has already fed the products should make certain the rabbits have ready access to water in order to flush the salt through their systems.

Dr. Alan Wessler, vice president of feed operations and animal health for MFA, said, “Our customers and their animals are priorities at MFA. We are a cooperative built by and for farmers and ranchers. While we identified only three lots of feed, we extended the recall to exert a high degree of caution.”