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Benelux changes name to Kinlys Group N.V.

Benelux N.V. has changed its name to Kinlys Group N.V.

According to the company, the new name reflects the current nature and this business’ long-lasting presence as player in the national and international markets of high-quality pet products.

The company says: “Above all, the name accurately expresses the company’s corporate history. It is one of connection, kinship and like-mindedness. The English, terms ‘Kin, Kinship’ refer to the family in which pets play significant roles. Connection identifies the relationship of the business with the customers and suppliers. It is also the connection shared with pets. And then you have the like-mindedness of all the company’s employees that defines the strong link between the companies that form the group. Finally, ‘Lys’ refers to the broader region in which the company emerged and has grown.”

The company’s motto, “Passion for Pets” will remain unchanged; the company will continue to ensure production, sale and distribution of high-quality brands for family pets.

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