The American Pet Products Association (APPA) highlighted three products intended for older dogs and cats and made by APPA pet food manufacturer members.

1. Wooly by PAW5

Dieting restrictions for dogs and cats come with getting older because the volume of food is not as important as nutrients, according to the APPA. Eating less but more nutritious foods may help prevent weight gain. The Wooly by PAW5 is an interactive enrichment product that engages dogs’ powerful sense of smell as they snort and sniff to find their dinner.

By combining their instincts with mealtime, older dogs have the opportunity to use their most sensitive noses. By challenging dogs' minds, the Wooly helps keep senior dogs sharper, quicker and younger, according to the APPA.

2. Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ dog food

Scientists at Nestle Purina have been studying aging in pets for more than a decade and have concluded that nutrition can positively impact a dog’s cognitive health, according to the APPA. Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7+ contains enhanced botanical oils, which are marketed as promoting alertness and mental sharpness. Around the age of seven, glucose metabolism in dogs’ brains begin to change affecting memory, learning and awareness, making it important to consider dietary changes earlier than later, according to the APPA.

3. Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Weight and Mature cat food

Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Weight and Mature cat food helps less-active senior cats maintain a healthy weight by using a natural vegetable fiber to reduce calories. This formula is made with chicken as the main ingredient and turkey, duck and salmon as additional sources of protein. There is no wheat, corn, soy artificial coloring or preservatives.