From Petfood Industry:

The odor from a Royal Canin pet food facility in Sioux City, Iowa, USA has decreased enough to please local officials, reported Siouxland Matters, an ABC affiliate.

The city council had set a mid-December deadline for the facility to reduce the smell that was bothering residents. The deadline was met, and the pet food facility committed to regularly cleaning its lines and tanks. Odor detection companies will continue working with Royal Canin to ensure the odor stays low.

Odor reduction solutions in pet food production

Tjitze Smit of GrainTec A/S discussed methods for reducing odor from pet food production in his 2011 Petfood Forum Europe presentation. Smit delineated six methods for odor control.

  1. A chimney is not very efficient but is inexpensive, and is often the logical first step towards reducing production odors.
  2. An ozone (plasma) reactor operates at 70 to 85 percent efficiency.
  3. Biological/chemical or seawater scrubbers boast 70 to 90 percent efficiency, but also come with both high investment and high operating costs. This odor reduction technology is mostly used in aquafeed production because those plants are usually close to the sea.
  4. A bio filter, such as wood chip filters, have 70 to 95 percent efficiency. Often used in conjunction with freshwater scrubbers, a bio-filter requires a good deal of space to operate in and can be costly to run.
  5. A regenerative thermal oxidizer may be an expensive odor reduction alternative (high investment, very high costs to operate), but provides 90 to 98 percent efficiency.
  6. Total recirculation systems will provide 98 to 99 percent efficiency. Although there is an initial high investment cost, this technology recovers and reduces thermal energy, while reducing odor emissions.

Royal Canin Pet Food Plant resolves odor issue in North Sioux City

Officials in North Sioux City say that the smell from the Royal Canin Plant has faded. The city council had set a mid-December deadline for the pet food plant to fix its odor problem affecting residents there.