Pets of the Homeless will host its eighth annual Give a Dog a Bone week August 6-12, 2017. The nonprofit organization Pets of the Homeless, focused exclusively on feeding and providing veterinary care to pets of the homeless, will collect pet food from the public across US cities.

Homelessness remains a critical issue in many US cities even as the economy brightens. Those left in the shadows and on the streets with pets are in need of pet food. Among the homeless population, between five and 10 percent – and in some places as many as 24 percent – of homeless people have dogs or cats.

More than 450 pet food member sites across the US are ready to receive donations. All donation sites are listed on the organization’s website. Feeding Pets of the Homeless also supports business owners who wish to give back to their community by becoming a member donation site.

Donations of pet food and supplies are distributed to food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters, which then give the pet food and supplies to their clients. "Since 2008, donation site members have taken over 492 tons of pet food and supplies to help pets of homeless people,” said Genevieve Frederick, founder of Pets of the Homeless. “Some of our volunteers take it to the streets and/or camps where the homeless congregate. It is a combined effort to continue year-round collections of pet food.”

Pets of the Homeless also uses cash donations to provide veterinary care to pets of the homeless at free wellness clinics as well as emergency veterinary care across the US. Over 60 percent of calls to Pets of the Homeless are from homeless women, and more than 15,800 pets have been treated.