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photo by Andrea Gantz
on December 5, 2017

5 Petfood Industry blogs for November 2017

Pet food trends were among the topics covered by Petfood Industry’s bloggers.

In November, bloggers for Petfood Industry shared insights on product claims, trends and grains.

4 human food trends for pet food market to watch in 2018
If you’re a pet food trends watcher (and who isn’t?), you may be happy to know that trend prediction season is upon us!

Navigating pet food product claims, part 2: animal raising
There is no regulatory definition for “humanely raised,” which makes evaluating these claims difficult.

Pet food trends review: Are grains making a comeback?
‘Tis the season for prognosticating on trends – pet food trends, human food trends, you name it – and, in a new twist, reviewing trends predicted the year before as to whether they actually developed.

Pet food, human food trends: what consumers really want?
An enhanced focus on clean labels called "mindful choices" is showing up in both human foods and pet food.

Navigating pet food product claims, part 3: natural
Just about everyone in the pet food marketplace is making natural label claims regardless of channel, as I’ve discussed in previous blog posts.

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