Portland Pet Food Company, US premium pet food company, has added Middle West Distribution to its distribution network. Middle West will distribute the full line of treats and dog meals to pet specialty stores in the US Midwest.

“We are very thrilled to be a part of Middle West Distribution, who we admire as a key distributer focusing on simple, healthy and nutritious products,” said Kate McCarron, Portland Pet Food Company founder, in a press release.

Based in West Chicago, Middle West distributes premium pet food and treats, a perfect match for Portland Pet Food Company’s meal toppers and treats. “We are committed to growth by expanding retail distribution and fostering relationships with pet industry retailers,” McCarron said. “We value working with the specialty pet food retailers to ensure that every customer is aware of alternative healthy feeding options for their pets. Our unique shelf-stable meals offer the customer a homemade style meal in a convenient ready to serve pouch.”

More about Portland Pet Food Company

Portland Pet Food Company is a startup founded by Kate McCarron in 2015. The company grew from a family’s need to feed their dog the best available options. McCarron’s then-14-year-old Standard Poodle Rosie was unable to eat traditional pet foods due to a diseased tongue, and concern for her nutritional health became the basis for the company’s homestyle-cooked meals and dog treats.

Rosie lived to be 16-and-a-half on her new food, made with locally sourced (in the Pacific Northwest US), human-grade ingredients and without supplements, and her legacy lives on today in Portland Pet Food’s dog food.