Clear Conscience Pet has won the 2018 Family Choice Award from Family Magazine Group for the SuperGravy line of instant gravy mix pet food toppers. This marks the 21st award for nutritional excellence and innovation received by the family-owned company since 2012.  

According to Clear Conscience Pet, the Family Choice Award solidifies the company’s position as the most awarded brand in pet nutrition.

The SuperGravy line is a multi-recipe dry gravy mix for dogs, and the line includes three recipes of instant dry pet food gravy and broth mixes: Arfredo creamy white with Greek yogurt and Italian style cheeses; Barkinara red with chicken liver, tomato and sweet potato; and Paw Jus brown with beef liver, sweet potato and veggies. All three SuperGravy varieties are made with superfoods, including chia seeds, sea kelp and air-dried vegetables. All the formulas are supplemented with probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Clear Conscience Pet finds success in crowdfunding

In April 2018, Clear Conscience Pet reached its goal of crowdfunding a US$25,000 loan on Kiva is a major global micro-crowdlending platform.

The crowd loan faced a steep challenge as one of only ten such loans ever offered on the crowdlending platform. The pilot program was offered by invitation only, and the program was limited to companies with strong fundamental metrics of social media support, product integrity, and sustainable and responsible business ethics.  

“We are so very grateful to the 183 lenders and 39 lending teams that supported our loan and to our dear friend Pennye of The Big Bad Woof,” said Clear Conscience co-founder Amanda Bennie in a press release. “We had friends, family, and colleagues backing the loan, but the biggest surprise was that so many of our customers actually contributed quite generously. That is so humbling and gratifying because I really don’t think that many brands have customers who believe in their products and philosophy so much that they would lend money interest-free to their companies.”