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Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food helps nourish rescued dogs

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food, a leading super premium pet food company, recently donated 4,212 pounds of their nutritious pet food and dog treats to help feed rescue animals at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (“GBHS”) in Birmingham, Alabama. The donation is part of the pet food company’s Fill A Bowl… Feed A Soul (“FABFAS”) program, a national campaign targeting the donation of over one million meals to shelter pets annually.

On July 2, GBHS rescued 83 dogs, 13 of which were pregnant, from horrific conditions at a puppy mill in Trussville, AL, says the company. The addition of these pets put a strain on their resources and they quickly found themselves in desperate need of food, medical supplies, and other vital supplies. Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food contacted GBHS soon after the story broke.

“At Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food we watch out for special cases like this one where we can have an immediate impact on a shelter and its adoptables,” said Jeanne Blandford, Director of Marketing for Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food. “These dogs came to GBHS in deplorable condition, so getting them nutritious food as soon as possible is key to their rehabilitation and ability to be adopted.”

“Most of us that have pets treat them like a member of our family. We could never imagine depriving them of shelter, water or a healthy meal. But sadly, many of the 20,000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens rescued each year by the Great Birmingham Humane Society are undernourished and starving, not only for food, but for love,” said Allison Black Cornelius, GBHS Chief Executive Officer. “The GBHS is so grateful to Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food for their generous donation of high quality pet food. This nutritious food will do so much to help our pets gain back the strength, health and confidence they need for a successful adoption.”

“GBHS has a huge job ahead of them after taking in so many dogs at one time; all in need of grooming, medical attention and socialization. We greatly admire the work they are doing and are proud to be able to assist,” said Chris Mitchell, CEO Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food.

“Food is all about being able to eat with the people you love and care for,” added Ms. Cornelius. “We cannot thank Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food enough for giving our animals a second chance to find love in a forever home.”

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