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Charlee Bear Pet Products appoints new GM

Charlee Bear Pet Products, purveyors of Charlee Bear Dog Treats, announces that Patrick McGarry will be stepping into the role of General Manager of this burgeoning company. Previously, he has held financially focused positions at world-class companies like Google and Ernst & Young.

Charlee Bear Pet Products recently acquired Hound & Gatos, makers of a nationally distributed collection of premium canned diets for dogs and cats. In addition to orchestrating the growth of both of these brands, McGarry will continue to serve as CFO of parent company Wixon Inc., a prominent food ingredient provider.

As General Manager, McGarry’s first priority will be revitalizing the identity of both the Charlee Bear Dog Treats and Hound & Gatos brands. As he explained, “This is just the beginning of the strategic support we’ll be putting behind these brands to enter new food and treat categories and to boost retailer and distributor growth.”

But McGarry wants to reassure trade customers that while this is a new era for Charlee Bear Pet Products, “We will not sacrifice the quality, taste and nutritional value of these two trusted brands.” He also wanted retail partners to know that Hound & Gatos will continue to be stocked and sold exclusively by independent stores.

“It’s a pleasure to have Patrick at the helm of our pet products division,” said Peter Gottsacker, owner of Charlee Bear Pet Products. “Based on his past successes and leadership skills, he’s the right person to propel Charlee Bear Pet Products to exciting new heights.”

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