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Prins VitalCare Adult Fit wins Best Product of the Year

In addition to highly awarded dog food, Prins Petfoods now also has prize-winning cat food: Prins VitalCare Adult Fit cat kibble has been voted ‘Best Product of the Year’ by consumers in the animal feed category.

The Best Product of the Year election is one of the biggest consumer elections in the Netherlands. ‘The Customer is King’ is the motto of this election: the users of the products themselves are the ones who can give their opinion and determine their favorites.

Top fit

Prins VitalCare Adult Fit is a crunchy food for active adult cats. It is a complete meal that provides enough energy to keep cats top fit. The kibble contains carefully selected ingredients that contribute to a shiny coat and, very important in cats, support a healthy urinary tract. An increased fat content ensures that outdoor cats get enough fuel.

Triple crown

The Best Product of the Year-crown fits Prins well: Prins ProCare Standard Fit pressed kibble for dogs went ‘Best Product of the Year 2017-2018’ last year and Prins ProCare Super Active pressed kibble for dogs earlier received the award for the ‘Best Product of the Year 2015-2016’.

100% natural

Like all other Prins products VitalCare Adult Fit, one of the bestsellers in the extensive VitalCare product range, is 100% natural and not tested on animals. Prins doesn’t use any artificial colors, flavors or aromas and only uses top-quality ingredients from reliable partners.

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