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Health Extension donates $25,000 to help rescue puppies and dogs

True to its passion for the well-being of pets everywhere, Health Extension Pet Care has donated $25,000 to the Shake A Paw Center for Rescue and Adoption, a New Jersey animal shelter that finds loving homes for more than 400 dogs and puppies every year. 

The donation will support a range of the center’s services, including its frequent vaccine clinics. The low cost of the clinics enables all new pet parents to keep their dogs vaccinated and healthy, regardless of ability to pay.

With more than 30 employees and volunteers, the Shake A Paw Center cares for 15-20 adoptable dogs at any given time from its location in Union, New Jersey.

“We are honored to support an organization whose only goal is to help and care for pets in need,” said Brad Gruber, President of Health Extension Pet Care. “Shake A Paw’s tireless work has given hundreds of abandoned puppies and dogs a new lease on life. All of us at Health Extension are so proud that we can play a role in helping animals who cannot help themselves.”

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