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Rockster Superfood for dogs heads to America

Behind every great business there’s a story, and the Rockster’s story. Inspired after rescuing a stray dog on their honeymoon on the streets near Naples, Italy, Zoe and Sven Ley created Rockster’s Superfood canned dog food. Hailed as “more than just food” in Europe, this super-premium organic food offers better nutrition. 

Rockster is a London-based, family-operated company that has established a new standard in caliber of ingredients, recipes and sous-vide anaerobic cooking process to create a food that has officially been classified as a “Superfood for Dogs.” Owners Zoe and Sven Ley started their journey for life-enhancing dog food after finding a dying street dog on the steps of La Conca del Sogno, south of Naples, Italy, while on their honeymoon in 2004. 

They cancelled what was left of their holiday to rescue “The Rockster.” Soon after, they discovered something very surprising. This street dog was not fond of commercial pet food. In fact, he rejected it completely, often leaving it in the bowl and running off only to be found in restaurants. Eventually, the couple sought the advice of Europe’s leading experts to create a food for The Rockster based on theories of the importance of gut and digestive health including removing traces of antibiotics from the diet. They harnessed the highest nutritional science using purely natural and organic “superfoods” with a revolutionary cooking process to ensure unprecedented nutrient preservation in a can.  

The canned food is believed to have the highest antioxidant content of any dog food available in the world today and can also be mixed with dry food to raise nutrient and palatability levels. In addition, the food is made in Germany under the strictest bio-organic regulations. The Rockster himself is now entering his third decade having fathered puppies only 2 years ago and the food is credited by many as having a transformational effect on their dogs since it was made available to others in 2016. See more about The Rockster’s extraordinary story here:

“When we set out to harness nutritional science and nature to create the world’s first superfood for our dog to try and extend his life, we never could have imagined that years later he would not only still be alive and it would be transforming the lives of so many other dogs let alone coming to America!” comments Zoe Ley. “What we feed our pet is the single most important decision pet owners make and we have the absolute right to know exactly what we are feeding them. We have never loved our dogs more yet the startling rise of diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer means owners should have the option of incorporating a food that may really make a difference to their dog’s life.  We all increasingly understand we are what we eat and the benefits of truly organic, and the same is true for our dogs.” 

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