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Petrics, 5Strands partner to solve old pet problems with new pet tech

Petrics, Inc., a pet health technology company, has partnered with 5 Strands Affordable Testing to allow pet parents to easily determine what foods and treats are best suited for their individual pet and get food recommendations. By combining Petrics pet food database, covering thousands of foods and ingredients, with 5Strands testing protocols, consumers and pet care professionals can quickly and easily find foods and treats that are ideal for the pets.

Petrics is a pet health technology company specializing in using data science in veterinary medicine and nutrition to help pet owners and pet care professionals find optimal wellness and nutrition plans for their pets. 5Strands Affordable Testing’s lab can test for intolerances to over 1200 food items using bio-resonance technology. The combination of the two companies resulted in a revolutionary system that utilizes the food intolerance testing results to filter through pet food ingredients in the Petrics app and provides a recommended food that is appropriate for your pet.

“Proper nutrition plays a critical role in ensuring our pets live longer, happier lives,” said Petrics Founder and CEO Edward Hall. “With the Petrics Health and Nutrition App, we are giving pet parents, their families, and veterinarians the resources to help detect health issues early. When we combine the results of 5Strands Pet Food Plus Intolerance Test and the Petrics mobile app, we can now provide pet owners and their veterinarians with more information when finding the ideal diet for the pets while minimizing the risk of potential adverse reactions to certain ingredients. Our partnership with 5Strands Affordable Testing is the perfect opportunity to provide pet parents and pet health professionals with an all-inclusive tool to help better identify and manage the best food choices for each unique pet.”

“The partnership just makes sense,” said Lisa Blaurock, Co-Founder and President of 5Strands Affordable Testing. “Being able to deliver intolerance results directly through such an inclusive, professionally validated food recommendation engine like the Petrics Health & Nutrition App, proves to be a game changer for healthier food and treat decision making. It’s the type of platform that will help provide definitive food choices for pet parents, giving them peace-of-mind when purchasing food for their furry loved ones.”

The screening app can help pet parents and pet professionals make the necessary changes to improve adverse symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, pain, inflammation or skin issues. The Petrics Health and Nutrition App works with both IOS and Android platforms and is available for download in the App store and Google Play. For more information visit or simply select your download option at

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