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Petnet's SmartFeeder is now available in Australia and the UK

Petnet, the leader in personalized pet feeding, on June 27 announced that its SmartFeeder is available for purchase in Australia and the United Kingdom. This extends Petnet's reach beyond the US and Canada, and ensures a lot more healthy, happy pets in Australia and the UK.

The SmartFeeder is a WiFi-connected automatic pet feeder for cats and dogs that lets owners feed their pets via an app on their smartphone—or by asking Alexa or Google Assistant. Petnet allows parents to personalize their pet's mealtimes and portions.

"We're thrilled to announce that the SmartFeeder is now available at Petbarn stores and online in Australia, and online at Amazon in the United Kingdom," said Carlos Herrera, Petnet's CEO and co-founder. "The SmartFeeder can already be found in over 90 countries.  People have found a way to get them.  We're happy to be officially available in these new markets, and we're committed to bringing the SmartFeeder to more pet parents around the world."

Since the original first generation SmartFeeder launched in 2015, more and more dog and cat parents have discovered the convenience and benefits of automatic pet feeding. The second generation SmartFeeder includes many new features asked for by owners to better serve them and their pets' needs:

  • Sleek design - More compact form and softer aesthetic ensure that the SmartFeeder matches the decor of any home.
  • Voice assistant integration - Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant means users can dispense feedings via voice command and get audible updates on the latest feeding and current food supply.
  • Better food compatibility – The SmartFeeder is compatible with more foods, including pyramid-shaped kibble.
  • Pet proofing – The newly pet-proofed lid make it nearly impossible for pets to break into the SmartFeeder's food supply.
  • Smart portion control - More sensors in the new feeder bring greater precision to portion control and make it easier to dispense meals well matched to a pet's health requirements.
  • Machine washable – The SmartFeeder's hopper and dispensing mechanism are now machine washable. In other words, every part of the SmartFeeder that touches pet food is washable.

All of these new features mean a better SmartFeeder, easier use for parents and, most important, healthier, happier pets everywhere.

"Our SmartFeeder makes feeding simple for pet parents by removing the guesswork from the daily task of feeding. To do this, we leveraged the strengths of science and cognitive AI to match your pet to the best food," Herrera said.

The right food and the right amount

A lot of owners struggle with the same question: "What should I feed my pet?" When they shop for food, many either follow the marketing-speak printed on food bags or ask friends and family for recommendations.

The next question is, "How much?" This is important.  In the U.S. alone an estimated 54 percent of dogs and 59 percent of cats are overweight or obese, which puts them at risk of serious health issues. Overfeeding by just a small amount each day can lead to a pet gaining pounds per year. But the SmartFeeder, with the free Petnet iOS/Android app, eliminates guesswork by determining and regularly dispensing ideal portions.

Petnet also provides detailed ingredient and macronutrient information, as well as proprietary Petnet FoodScores on virtually every dog and cat food available. To find the right food, just enter your pet's age, weight, activity level, allergies, and breed at the Petnet SmartShop. It will then automatically curate a selection of pet foods tailored to your pet's specific needs.

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